Resources for your Rhythm

A 'rhythm' is a tool to create a pattern in our daily lives to keep us connected with God.

It's what I need—a constant, regular 'beat' that keeps me anchored to God and his Kingdom. Without it, my life quickly descends into chaos. I get busy, get performance based, I notice that my anxiety increases, and I worry more quickly. I become more connected to my faults and my weakness than to my identity in Christ. I lose touch that I am made new, I am a son, I have purpose, I have family, God is my provider, He is loving, and that I am saved.

I want to have a rhythm to my days and weeks that keep me close to God and anchored in truth and the reality of his Kingdom in a culture that is not my own.

It’s the act of stepping out of the chaos of life and stepping into the rhythm of his Kingdom. 


Below are some of the resources I use in my rhythm. Maybe they'll inspire yours.



The Bible Project
So much good stuff here. not just a podcast, but some great videos to help you navigate the Bible. Plus some other great resources, worth checking out heir website.

Vineyard Anaheim (with Alan Scott) 
Alan Scott brings such great accessible teaching that will inspire, encourage and probably challenge you in living a Kingdom life.

Commoners Communion 
Commoners Communion is a blog, podcast & community of people exploring conversations in Christian spirituality centred around beauty, mystery & revelation.

This Cultural Moment (with Mark Sayers and John Mark Comer)
A podcast about following Jesus in the post-Christian world.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Central Vineyard, Auckland, NZ
A church pursuing Jesus and playing our part in what God is doing in the world, right now.

KXC, Kings Cross Church, London, (Pete Hughes)

Soul Survivor
Especially check out the teachings from their Naturally Supernatural conference for some excellent teaching on the Spirit.


Fall in love with listening to the Bible. A new audio Bible app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart.

An app to help people connect daily with God. With daily resources and reflections.

He Reads Truth / She Reads Truth
An online community of men/women in the Word of God every day.
+ also check out their website for awesome wallpapers and reading plans


Share what your using in your 'rhythm' in the comments below!