Live Like Jesus


Live Like Jesus


What if that restlessness deep in your soul is really the Holy Spirit nudging you to a bigger, more vibrant life?

Be gut-wrenchingly honest: Is your relationship with God real and personal and exciting? Do you long for the life of faith you read about in the Bible, but just can't seem to make your reality match?

Digging deep into the layered truths the apostle Paul shared with the church in Rome, pastor and teacher Putty Putman reveals an astounding new perspective on a Gospel that is bigger and more sensational than you ever realized. A thrilling life of impact, adventure, blessing and true freedom awaits you. Here is everything you need to live a life connected to and empowered by a God who is, and does, more than you ever imagined--to live like Jesus every day of your life.

"An amazing book."--Dr. Randy Clark, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

"The Holy Spirit has trusted Putty with some powerful truths that will inspire, challenge and excite you to Live Like Jesus!"--Dianne Leman, senior pastor, Vineyard Church of Central Illinois

"Putty unearths the real meaning of the normal Christian life and teaches us how to walk in our divine mandate as world-changers and history-makers."--
Kris Vallotton, senior associate leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

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