Our Values, Priorities & Practices


We are...Passionate Worshippers

We passionately worship God in every area of lives by always bringing our best demonstrating love and celebration of God.

Expressed through: song, service, commitment and intentional engagement.


We are...Jesus Imitators

We speak the words and do the works of our King Jesus as they have been revealed through the Bible.

Expressed through: Equipping, empowering and releasing the church with the Bible, growing in all the gifts of the Spirit & expecting Signs and Wonders including; prophecy, healing & spiritual warfare.


We are...Generous Risk-takers

We live our lives with generosity, as we risk moving towards others with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Expressed through: generously giving our time, energy, resources and our very best for the sake of moving towards others with the Gospel of the Kingdom.


We are...Intentionally Relational

We are committed to always bring our best as we create a hub of shared life, growth and love for each other as family.

Expressed through: Relaxed but intentional development of relationships with others.


We are...Compassionate Servants

We are the scattered servants of Jesus who with generous compassion bring Jesus into the community.

Expressed through: Developing a culture of loving family who live beyond themselves invested in serving & loving our community with life & hope.